As of 3 days ago I have a new goal of picking up 10,000 pieces of trash by May 1st…



The thing is, I haven’t really been the type of person to ever make big lofty goals around the planet or recycling (although I do recycle but’s it’s minimal effort).  This all changed when Kurt and I went camping at Starved Rock State Park on Saturday.  The morning after a pretty windy and rainy night when the tent was completely taken down and we were ready to go I did a quick glance over the tent site to make sure nothing was left behind.  Sure enough I almost forgot a tent stake and a spork (spoon and fork combo) that some animal had gotten ahold of in the night and frothed all over like a rabies attack.  Then I saw a couple small pieces of trash and as a former thru hiker, even if it isn’t yours, you pick it up and carry it out.  The thing about thru hiking is that when you pick up someone elses trash out there, you might have to carry it in your pack for 3 days until you come across civilization (aka trash can). But amazingly, the majority of thru hikers would pick it up and carry it out.  Everyone looked out for each other and “Leave No Trace” was no longer a pointless phrase, it was a way of life. Here in the land of Lincoln, the trash can is on the way out of the campground 30 seconds away and people still don’t pick up their trash.  It’s just a much different way of life, and in that moment out of the mountains and far away from the people that went along with that, I am inspired.  I took just over a minute to find as many pieces of trash as I can in the 10 X 12 world that was my home for the last 24hrs. On the way home I looked at all the items people dumped along the road and I decided to go for it…10,000 pieces every month.  I will be taking a picture of every trash pile collected (so far there is two) and adding the number of pieces to the total count with every picture posted.  To me, these look like inspirational works of art, and maybe they will be.  For everyone that reads this blog and it inspires them to pick up a piece of trash, I will add that to my running total if it is posted as a comment on this page.  So to all my friends and family and complete strangers reading this, help me hit my goal and together we will change the world just a little bit.  It’s day 3 and the official count is: 33 pieces.



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  1. Kurt Henry says:

    Season, I read that you cleaned up a lot of things left behind around our campsite after I had to go. Did you happen to find the 7 pounds of flesh that I lost as a result of frostbite? Wild animals may have gotten to it and if that was the case – don’t worry. As many hot doggies as I ate I imagine I will be replacing the loss anyway. Looking forward to the next camping trip – will bring an electric blanket that works. Wear something casual.

  2. Pam Chandler says:

    Mom really does love your toes.

  3. If there were EVER anyone whose temperment fit a season, it would be you as a spring! You are a bright seed sprouting up, bringing freshness and light to the world!

  4. Jill says:

    Hey Season,

    I noticed that Canal Road looks horrid on the way out of town east. LMK if you’d like to get together and pick up a few (several) bags of trash. It’s there for the taking. 😉


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