Bottles, Cans, and Plastic Oh My!



Before I hit the trail at Starved Rock today I inserted a large garbage bag in my Backpack and stapled the lining to the top of the bag and voila, I have a portable garbage can I don’t have to carry!  It worked like a charm.

I met a family with two boys who were carrying a trash bag  (I bet they were jealous of mine) filled with recyclables and the kids were from boy scout troop 538 from Michigan.  It was great to see them out there setting a great example.







See the red dog? 5 points to the first person that can tell me his name, it's been bugging me for a few minutes now. Please add it as a comment and thanks.

I spy a vitamin water.

Total Trash Count: 325


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Categories : Trashy but Cute


  1. Lana says:

    Clifford the Big Red Dog

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