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My plans for the goal setting pages are rather bold, because I’m going BIG.  I have big dreams and some things I am committing to that I have never been able to stick to before and I know I can now because of you.

I will be putting my goals up for everyone to see, and that way I am held accountable by more people than I have ever wanted to be accountable to.  That is the magic of goal setting, and it will work in an extreme way for me because what I value the most is having integrity to my word.  Being out of integrity, I have noticed, makes me feel worse than most things; therefore, when I have it I feel great about myself.

-‘Goal Setting’ photo by Angie Torres-

At lululemon we were encouraged to set goals that really pushed our own personal limitations and we were even encouraged to fail because if you’re failing at things, it means you are going big.  Chip always said a good amount was 50% achieved.  This means 50% of your goals don’t happen which seems like a bummer, but if you look at it like divorce there are two sides: either you are like wow, half of marriages don’t work, or wow, half of marriages succeed!  I’m going with the glass half full here because if I can make half of these goals happen, that would be incredible.

So this is where BHAGS come in.  A bhag is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal…something that scares you.  It’s like a big hairy monster of your own creation that could be your best friend because he brings out the fighter in you.  He makes you willing to stretch yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of to make something you want happen.

Also, I will do my best to make these goals SMART because this is a very important formula or acronym that helps make goals a reality:

Specific: You must specifically state what you want like : “I complete the application process and adopt a 1-3yr old Weimaraner from the Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue…”, instead of saying “I will rescue a dog”.  Being specific with your intention will bring you exactly the things you want instead of  the things you don’t.

Measurable: Your goals have to be measurable so you know when you’ve accomplished them.  For example, I could say “Someday I want to lose weight”.  Since someday can’t be measured, I could successfully put this off until I’m dead.

Attainable: If you set a goal that you don’t believe is attainable, then it will be exactly that: unattainable, not going to happen. Envision yourself already having it and notice what that feels like.  The feeling of already having it will help bring it into fruition.

Realistic: It is not realistic for me to say I will get my PhD in 4 years; however, it is realistic to say 8 years.

Timely: This is your “by-when” and it is very important to keeping yourself in action.  “I adopt a dog from the GLWR by June 1st.”  When I have a time frame, I am much more likely to get going on the application process which takes two weeks, and then start planning to drive and meet some pups!

So there are the basics.  I plan to blog my goals in a very raw and honest manner by explaining first where I am (not looking forward to the picture documentation of this) and then where I want to be and by when.  I will also track when I have achieved my goals and when I haven’t.

For some great stuff on goal setting, check out and also


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