Adventures in Trashing


Today I had a partner!!!!  

My cousin Jill and I hit canal road in our home town today.  It was the nasty, nastier, nastiest business so far with dirty diapers, bottles filled with chew spit, roadkill (yeah we left the roadkill), drug paraphenalia (that most likely got tossed out the window before someone got pulled over),  toilet paper, and other gross things I would rather not think about before bed.  I stepped on a huge thorn that went through my shoe and into my foot and we somehow ended up with a snake in one of our garbage bags.   

  Several people that were walking the canal and driving by stopped to offer their gratitude to us for getting down and dirty in the ditch.   We only made it about a quarter of a mile and ended the day with 2017 items to add to the trash count.  Kurt was nice enough to drive the truck over and pick up all 10 trash bags on the side of the road, half of them are recyclables I need to sort and take in.

 Thanks so much to Jill for joining me on my mission and for giving me a handy dandy counter to help my tracking. 

I have been aloeing my sunburnt shoulders for the past few hours and enjoying the satisfaction of breaking two thousand.  Over seven thousand more to go this month.  After today, no problem!

 Total Trash Count:  2590 


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  1. Pam Chandler says:

    Great Job – what a difference it makes. If we could all do just a little bit at a time.

  2. Season says:

    And it was only a little bit of that road…another half mile and we would have hit 10,000, but that will take a few more days.

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