Bring on Summer


     My entire life I’ve been asked “what’s you’re favorite Season” by people who have just heard my name for the first time and couldn’t come up with anything better to say.  I never answered their question without a “you’re an idiot” tone, nor was I able to think of a clever comeback for it.  In California the answer was fall, but back in Illinois summer takes the cake.  Surviving the winter after being in the San Francisco bay area for the last 8 years, I cannot wait for summer to come. 

Yesterday at Target I found the perfect bikini.  I can’t fit into it yet, but I will by June.  I have it hanging from nails in my ikea office so that each time I look at it, it increases my motivation to workout. 

Purchasing the new suit got me in sort of a visualizing mood, so I also bought our first dog toy (for the dog we don’t have yet).  It’s a blue duck called “tuff stuff” with a rope tail.  Kurt thought for now it would make a great pull string for the light (also in my office). We’ve been lovingly fighting over dog names as if this was going to be our first child.  What we’ve come up with so far is Mordecai (more-da-kai), from our favorite cartoon character on “The Regular Show” and Mailbox (because we get a kick out of inanimate object names) so it will probably be Mordecai Mailbox.  If you feel sorry for the dog already, you shouldn’t.  This dog will be “so well taken care of he’ll be running for political office”.  -kurtism #20


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  1. Jeff says:

    Hi Season. Well as a Marin Boy I have to say for me right now is the best. The trees are in bloom, all except my Ginko, are leafing out with that beautiful new growth green. The days are warm and so are the evenings. And it’s now dry enough to get back up on Tam.

  2. Season says:

    Jeff- wow you really took me back there! I lived in Mill Valley and one of my favorite things was heading up Mt Tam from my own back yard. I can picture everything blooming, new and green and warm; I really miss it. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Sarah Schmitt says:

    I absolutely love the swim suite, and the dog toy, and the dogs name! And I cannot wait to come home and see it all for myself! I really hope you guys name the dog that because I cannot wait to call it mailbox! haha I miss you guys and will be home soon!

    <3 always,

    Ps: tell kurt I said "Hello!!" and I miss alll of his good jokes! and food!

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