I’m in Nashville…Indiana that is


 I decided to take off and go camping for a week and a half.  Since I can do online classes anywhere and I haven’t been to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, it’s perfect timing.  I’m in Nashville Indiana and  moving slow to get there, but I am very excited to go to the biggest cave system in the world.  It stretches 365 miles underground and it isn’t that terribly far from home. 

 Right now it’s dark and I’m sitting here next to a campfire with a tree as a backrest and I am a happy girl.  I got lucky that they have wireless internet, this is definately the first time I have been able to enjoy warming by a fire and also typing away in the middle of the woods. 


Today was in the low 80s and I found a fantastic bike trail today that runs along the river and by a covered bridge in Columbus. (I had to mess with the photo because it was so darn cool.)  It’s a pretty river town and I received great service at the local bike shop as well.  I really missed my obnoxiously green road bike and it was happy to be set loose today. 


I met an inspiring couple who just hit their 45th state in their RV.  They have been traveling all over the country for years and I thoroughly enjoyed their stories by the campfire while he was offering me any possible thing I might need or may have forgotten on my trip.  One of their stories involved a 350lb woman dressed in all pink plus a tutu that was pushing a baby pig in a pink stroller.  Oh yeah, her RV was pink and it had a pink fence also.  They said they did get pictures so I am hoping they will post one as a comment on here just so we can all revel in the excitement.

The camp food has been low calorie and also yummy.  So far it’s been oysters on crackers, some sort of other fish that comes in a sardine-like can rolled up in a wheat wrap, turkey and cheese sandwich, and now I am contemplating spaghettios straight from the can.  (If you think the oysters from a can picture  is gross, just focus on the seriously awesome green spoonforkknife.)

Tomorrow I will be driving further south and will stop anywhere before my destination that looks exciting enough.  After all, there is no rush.  🙂


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  1. Pam Chandler says:

    Footloose and Fancy Free – Nice to know where you are at. Love the Journals.

  2. Sarah Schmitt says:

    I absolutely love this! I think the picture with the oysters was gross but you were right, as soon as I focused on the spoonforkknife it got a ton better. Miss you chicken! stay safe!

  3. Bridget says:

    Are you still there? Can I please tell you how impressed your blog is- AHHH MAzing! I am really proud of you hun. All the color, inspiration, and raw openness is such a reflection of the beautiful person you are! I will comment again…I can’t wait til the blog comes with you to Cali! HARBIN style 😉

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