Life in the Trash Lane


I set a goal to reach 10,000 pieces of trash picked up by May 1st and as of right now I am at 10,230!

Canal road near Ottawa looks beautiful now (there is about a 20 foot stretch that looks like an eyesore because I was too tired and scratched up by thorns to finish it today).  Kurt says “our arms and legs look like they were used as scratching posts for the neighborhood cats”.  The most interesting things we found this weekend were a spatula and a porn…Kurt claims he will be putting one of those to use…  😉

Canal road is a really busy road but I am so grateful to the motorists who gave us a wide berth and slowed down, everyone was really considerate.

A woman came over to us who lived across the street, gave us some ice water and cliff bars and was really appreciative…thank you Sue!  Also a HUGE thanks to my cousin Jill, Rachel, and Kurt,  I couldn’t have done this without you 🙂

     Total Trash Count: 10,203


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  1. Sarah Schmitt says:

    I’m so proud of all of you!! Although tell Kurt if he makes anything with either of those utensils I’m not eating it lol. You did such a great job I bet that road has never been that clean! Miss you guys! <3

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