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 I decided to give myself a white-trash nickname for today after the fed-ex lady came to the door this morning with a package.  She asked me if the spiders on the porch meant that we were trying to scare people.  “No, I am embarrassed to say those are still left over from last Halloween.”  As soon as she was out of sight I was out in the yard and the porch picking up plastic spiders which led to finding trash…a lot of trash.   Granted, a good amount of it was from people littering by the sidewalk and in the back yard where the raccoons had gotten into some garbage.  Still, I am mortified at the 187 pieces I found when I have been driving all over the place picking up garbage everywhere but my own turf.   I still can’t explain the full size Milky Way though… so I blame Kurt.

  The picture on the left is from our yard, the right is from my hike down the Vermillion River Trail in Matthiessen Park Saturday where I found another 61 pieces (40 something were recyclable).  I love how the caution tape is so old and sunbleached that it’s no longer yellow.

  Total Trash Count: 573


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