3 Week Road Trip


Halfway through April I decided to head out on a solo camping trip to Mammoth Caves.  Since it is the largest cave system in the world not to far from home, I have never been there, and the weather was friendly…why not?  It was incredibly relaxing and fantastic for me to be out in the woods again where I always feel most at home. 

When I got back around Easter I received a previously unexpected tax return and decided it was perfect timing to head out to California to visit friends.  It was also the perfect opportunity to do a “Pay it Forward”.  About 6 years ago Kurt flew me out to New Orleans when we were just friends.  I was broke and entirely grateful to be going somewhere I have never been before and when I asked how I could ever repay him he said “just do this for someone else someday”.  I aimed to keep  my promise and finally I was able to.

 I drove out to Cali and flew one of my friends out to meet me in San Francisco on May 4th.  The drive out was exciting given there is so much snow in the mountains and around Tahoe I found myself in a pretty nasty snowstorm. There is something thrilling and peaceful for me driving a long distance alone.  

We had an action packed week in the bay area which included Kayaking, Hot Springs, Camping, Flying Trapeze, and Yosemite. My plan to fit everything in was successful, but the go go go of it all was pretty exhausting.  The drive home took 3 days and we made it back on Thursday and I started my classes on Monday.  I spent the weekend  in bed recuperating and now I’m sorting through video and pictures of the trip which I will be posting shortly.

It’s good to be back…


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