Miracle: a wonderful, surprising event or thing.


A few weeks ago I got ready to launch for a paddle up the Fox River at my usual spot and just as I had unloaded my gear and got in my car to go park, my car key was missing.  I take it off the key chain when I paddle  so I can fit it in the small pocket of my shorts so I knew I must have dropped it.  As that is the only key I have a feeling of panic started to settle in.  I calmed myself and after 5 minutes of pavement searching and looking inside the car I realized it may have fallen into the water when I lowered my boat next to the dock.  I thought of how when Kurt loses anything he says a prayer and usually within 30 seconds, he is miraculously lead to the missing object. So I did.  It was one of those “God, I know I don’t talk to you often, but…” lines that played out in my head.  I walked out onto the dock as I finished my silent prayer and I looked down and there it was below a crack in the dock.  A single beam of sunlight was hitting it and it reflected so bright from the darkness below the boards that it caught my attention instantly.  I looked up, smiled, and said a soft “thank you”. Within a few minutes 2 fisherman were helping me formulate a plan that involved what looked like chicken wire as a retrieving device to hook and raise up the key.   It took about 15 minutes and then I had my key back and was off.

This was a story I was going to keep to myself until Saturday when I had a similar experience, but this one gave me and Kurt the chills. We had gotten into an argument that morning and when he left the house we were both in a bad emotional state.  I was getting ready to go to the same launch spot to paddle and on the kitchen floor was a small refrigerator magnet that had fallen and it was a picture of the Virgin Mary.  We have a few collections of hundreds of magnetic pictures and poetry and I had never noticed that particular one before.  As I was in a pretty dark place in that moment, looking down to see that face looking up at me was comforting.  Instead of sticking her back on the fridge I glued her to the back of my ipod and took her with me.  As I pushed away from the dock I clipped my ipod in the usual place on my tank top and thought it was neat that Mary was right next to my heart. I hit play and shuffled randomly through and stopped at a song to see where I was in my play list.  The first words to play were,  ” When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me…speaking words of wisdom…let it be.” Within a few moments tears were streaking down my face and I was laughing out loud at the same time.  Even if I wanted to chauk this one up as a major coincidence, the incredible feeling shooting through my body would not have allowed it.

Although I would consider myself a spiritual person, I am not religious by any means. I was raised Catholic and stopped going to church after I turned 18. Nevertheless, this was a reconnection for me and it left me in wonder and awe. When I got home and shared the story with Kurt he was genuinely freaked out and said earlier that day he had prayed to Mary for the very first time.

This is certainly not the first time that the outcome of an argument has lead to an even stronger connection between the two of us.  Throw a little divine intervention in the mix and now we are left with something we shared unknowingly and both of us will never forget. Now I think I will never again be going on any solo adventures as Mary has a permanent place in and next to my heart.




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  1. Pam Chandler says:

    What a beautiful story to share.

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