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If you live locally, you are well aware of the controversy over the Illinois and Michigan Canal closure between Ottawa and Utica.  The Times newspaper has been consistently posting articles every Thursday about the outrage this has caused and articles are all over Ottawa Delivered as well.  I am on the trail either running or biking often and the section they closed down  is one of the most beautiful parts of the 60 mile trail.   Now it is gated with a sign saying “violators will be prosecuted” and is not being maintained.  I want to draw more attention to this because it’s been closed for a year now and it is not only hurting our local businesses, but it is a real bummer for those of us who want to be out there running, biking, and walking our dogs.  I created T-shirts that have a liability release on the back that can be signed and worn to poke fun at the situation and put the power back into the hands of the community.  In my opinion there is no way shots from the local gun range could ever come near the path in the first place and it is a shame that they are being blamed for the stray bullet complaints.  Wearing this T-shirt will in no way clear anyone from getting a ticket for unlawfully being on the closed section of the trail, but it might create a buzz, stir up a little trouble, and hopefully help get the ball rolling on the decision to re-open the trail for good.  According to Steve Stout of The Times, “a meeting at the range about the issue has been scheduled for Monday, Aug. 29, with representatives from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, the IDNR, and the range expected to attend.”  If they decide in this meeting that the trail will be re-opened, these shirts will no longer be necessary because we got what we wanted.  If they don’t make a decision or decide to keep the trail closed, I encourage you to join me.  The more people we get out there, the larger our voice to get something done about this. The shirt shows a stick figure pointing a gun at a cyclist and reads: “In the event that I am injured or killed resulting from stray bullets while walking, running or biking on the Illinois-Michigan Canal, I assume full responsibility and release and discharge the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the State of Illinois, and all employees, representatives, and agents of the State of Illinois from any and all legal responsibility.” Following that there is a place to sign your name.

The shirts are available in mens sizes, the color is Sport Grey, and they are a cotton/polyester blend. For a $5 or more donation, I will send you one. If you donate $5, it will cover the cost of shipping your Free T-Shirt and if you donate more than $5, it will go toward paying off what I spent on the first batch of tees and to buying more to give away. When I recieve the donation I will contact you via your email to get your shirt size and the address you would like me to send your shirt to.

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See you on the Trail!


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  1. steve porter says:


    Your shirt idea is great! I’ve been writing, commenting, calling on this ridiculous situation as well.

    I’m not one to order with my VISA on line.

    I live in Marseilles, and I take it you are from the county as well.

    Could I pick an extra large t-shirt up from you and pay you then?


    steve porter

  2. Pam Chandler says:

    Let’s create a buzz together!!!

  3. Season says:


    Absolutely! I sent info to your email 🙂


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