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I’m in Nashville…Indiana that is

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 I decided to take off and go camping for a week and a half.  Since I can do online classes anywhere and I haven’t been to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky, it’s perfect timing.  I’m in Nashville Indiana and  moving slow to get there, but I am very excited to go to the biggest cave system in the world.  It stretches 365 miles underground and it isn’t that terribly far from home. 

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Adventures in Trashing

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Today I had a partner!!!!  

My cousin Jill and I hit canal road in our home town today.  It was the nasty, nastier, nastiest business so far with dirty diapers, bottles filled with chew spit, roadkill (yeah we left the roadkill), drug paraphenalia (that most likely got tossed out the window before someone got pulled over),  toilet paper, and other gross things I would rather not think about before bed.  I stepped on a huge thorn that went through my shoe and into my foot and we somehow ended up with a snake in one of our garbage bags.   

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Bring on Summer

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     My entire life I’ve been asked “what’s you’re favorite Season” by people who have just heard my name for the first time and couldn’t come up with anything better to say.  I never answered their question without a “you’re an idiot” tone, nor was I able to think of a clever comeback for it.  In California the answer was fall, but back in Illinois summer takes the cake.  Surviving the winter after being in the San Francisco bay area for the last 8 years, I cannot wait for summer to come. 

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Trashy McTrasherson

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 I decided to give myself a white-trash nickname for today after the fed-ex lady came to the door this morning with a package.  She asked me if the spiders on the porch meant that we were trying to scare people.  “No, I am embarrassed to say those are still left over from last Halloween.”  As soon as she was out of sight I was out in the yard and the porch picking up plastic spiders which led to finding trash…a lot of trash.   Granted, a good amount of it was from people littering by the sidewalk and in the back yard where the raccoons had gotten into some garbage.  Still, I am mortified at the 187 pieces I found when I have been driving all over the place picking up garbage everywhere but my own turf.   I still can’t explain the full size Milky Way though… so I blame Kurt.

  The picture on the left is from our yard, the right is from my hike down the Vermillion River Trail in Matthiessen Park Saturday where I found another 61 pieces (40 something were recyclable).  I love how the caution tape is so old and sunbleached that it’s no longer yellow.

  Total Trash Count: 573

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Yesterday was a big day, it was intended to be the start of more strict eating, at least 30 minutes of exercise per day (no matter what I have going on), flossing every day, and drinking at least 3 glasses of water per day (a big step up from none which is normal for me).

It was a pretty successful day until I opened the fridge last night and went right for the fettucini alfredo. It was the left-overs from a date night and they were enough to go over my 1400 calorie goal by…well a lot. I heard that voice “Don’t do it” to which I promptly replied, I can just make up for it tomorrow, it’s no big deal.” But it was a big deal, because I felt like crap afterwards and it completely robbed me of my motivation and replaced it with lethargy for the remainder of the day.

Food is a deep emotional crutch for me.  I am a “live to eat” person who has always been jealous of the “eat to live” types who can actually forget meals occasionally.  Not me, I think about food when I first wake up, and throughout my entire day.  Up until last year when my roomate took me to a FAA meeting (Food Addicts Anonymous), I really thought my food addiction was something to laugh about, not really a big deal.  But then I saw people get up in front of the crowd and talk about how this addiction had affected their lives. The words they spoke didn’t sound any different than some of the serious stuff like heroin, cocaine, alcohol, etc.  I was shocked.  And I realized I am no different than these people except I was just behind in comparison to the progress they had made.

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Thank You!

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 I started this blog just under two weeks ago and in addition to the comments on these pages, I have had some amazing responses on facebook, text, email, etc. that I will log here.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
4/2/11  Emily Lake: Your blog is amazing! I’m so happy for you and this Kurt dude- his ‘isms’ are hilarious!
 4/2/11  Brian Seargeant: Season, I really enjoyed your website. You are one special woman. Your openness and vulnerability and zest for life are contagious. I especially liked your comment on hanging out in the personal growth section which I can relate to. Also Wayne Dyer is one of my favourite authors. His book on taoism is also real good. I felt a lot of emotion when I did the three circles and realized that my passion is personal growth as well for myself and others. You are great!!!
4/1/11  Christie Stride:I was checking out your blog, looks like you put a ton of work into that, love how motivated and high on life you seem. You sound so happy, congrats on all your success, happy for you! congrats on the engagement too, can’t believe your wanting to move to mississippi, i’d kinda like to go to tennessee, we will see, maybe someday..what you are doing sounds awesome, keep up the hard work!

 4/1/11 Jeff Monroe: Congratulations Sweets. It looks wonderful. You are my atheletic inspiration.

4/1/11 Maribel Serrano: Czin!! Wow, it’s almost been a year since we both left Lululemon. You look great and I’m very happy to see you are living your dreams. Thanks for friending me! Oh, I love your blog btw. ♥

 3/31/11 Janean Long Mileusnic:Thank you also for sharing your blog with me. I thought I would log on and skim over the “kurtisms” you mentioned, but I found myself completely immersed and devoured everything you wrote from top to bottom. I proclaimed to my computer: “wow…….I really like this girl!!”. I don’t usually talk to my computer but I think it was glad I wasn’t swearing at it.
 3/31/11  Mary Jo Grange:Thanks for sending the link to your blog; I looked at it briefly this morning and it looks so great!

 3/30/11 Jessica Hildreth:You are such an inspiration. I FINALLY had a moment to read your blog post (I’ve been wanting to read it since I saw this note you sent me) Well rounded, well written blog post my dear. I would love to see that in The New York Times, or New Yorker magazine- seriously. I’ve done quite a bit of research and read article about Landmark/Lululemon experiences. Yours is an accurate portrail. I completely related to it.

3/28/11 Julie Stevenson: seas, i know we just chatted but I wanted to tell you that I was really impressed by the insightfulness you demonstrated in your blog post, “the truth about lululemon.”

3/27/11 Sarah Schmitt: I love your page! When I read your thing about your feet I could not stop laughing.

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Personal Goals



I thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine with Kurt and my dad by October 1st, 2012.


Kurt and I adopt a 1-3yr old dog from the Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue by May 1st, 2011. Update: We completed the application process and now just have to go visit some doggies and pick one out.




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Smart Goals and Bhags

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My plans for the goal setting pages are rather bold, because I’m going BIG.  I have big dreams and some things I am committing to that I have never been able to stick to before and I know I can now because of you.

I will be putting my goals up for everyone to see, and that way I am held accountable by more people than I have ever wanted to be accountable to.  That is the magic of goal setting, and it will work in an extreme way for me because what I value the most is having integrity to my word.  Being out of integrity, I have noticed, makes me feel worse than most things; therefore, when I have it I feel great about myself.

-‘Goal Setting’ photo by Angie Torres-

At lululemon we were encouraged to set goals that really pushed our own personal limitations and we were even encouraged to fail because if you’re failing at things, it means you are going big.  Chip always said a good amount was 50% achieved.  This means 50% of your goals don’t happen which seems like a bummer, but if you look at it like divorce there are two sides: either you are like wow, half of marriages don’t work, or wow, half of marriages succeed!  I’m going with the glass half full here because if I can make half of these goals happen, that would be incredible.

So this is where BHAGS come in.  A bhag is a Big Hairy Audacious Goal…something that scares you.  It’s like a big hairy monster of your own creation that could be your best friend because he brings out the fighter in you.  He makes you willing to stretch yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of to make something you want happen.

Also, I will do my best to make these goals SMART because this is a very important formula or acronym that helps make goals a reality:

Specific: You must specifically state what you want like : “I complete the application process and adopt a 1-3yr old Weimaraner from the Great Lakes Weimaraner Rescue…”, instead of saying “I will rescue a dog”.  Being specific with your intention will bring you exactly the things you want instead of  the things you don’t.

Measurable: Your goals have to be measurable so you know when you’ve accomplished them.  For example, I could say “Someday I want to lose weight”.  Since someday can’t be measured, I could successfully put this off until I’m dead.

Attainable: If you set a goal that you don’t believe is attainable, then it will be exactly that: unattainable, not going to happen. Envision yourself already having it and notice what that feels like.  The feeling of already having it will help bring it into fruition.

Realistic: It is not realistic for me to say I will get my PhD in 4 years; however, it is realistic to say 8 years.

Timely: This is your “by-when” and it is very important to keeping yourself in action.  “I adopt a dog from the GLWR by June 1st.”  When I have a time frame, I am much more likely to get going on the application process which takes two weeks, and then start planning to drive and meet some pups!

So there are the basics.  I plan to blog my goals in a very raw and honest manner by explaining first where I am (not looking forward to the picture documentation of this) and then where I want to be and by when.  I will also track when I have achieved my goals and when I haven’t.

For some great stuff on goal setting, check out and also

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The Hedgehog Concept

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In the book “Good to Great”, by Jim Collins, he talks about the hedgehog concept, which was introduced to me at lululemon and it is quite the amazing tool for discovering your calling in life.

It is based on the story of the fox and the hedgehog.  The fox knows many different and clever ways to try to get the hedgehog, but since the hedgehog focuses on only one important thing (curling up into a ball), he can escape the fox every single time.  He does his one thing and he does it well.

It reminds me of the movie City Slickers, when Curly tells Mitch that the key to life is “one thing”.  He asks what the one thing is and Curly says: “That’s what you’ve gotta  figure out”.

So the hedgehog concept is finding the answer to these 3 questions and discovering that magic center where all three overlap.

The first question is: What are you passionate about? I lived the majority of my life as a people pleaser, I was riddled with worry and guilt most of the time (sometimes for things I had nothing to do with), in relationships I could have won a prize in the Who is more co-dependent contest, and I was judgmental (and what came with that was always thinking and worrying that  people were judging me.) When I learned that my own patterns, beliefs, and behaviors were keeping me from leading a life I love, and that there were tools I could learn to free myself from these things, I signed up for every seminar and bought every book I could get my hands on. (Yes, I’m the weird one in the self help section and if I were homeless, I would live there during the day.)  The knowledge I have gained from learning these tools has offered me a freedom I never imagined was possible, and I have seen so many others experience the same shift in there lives.  So what am I passionate about?  I am passionate about personal development.

2nd question: What can you be best in the world at? One of my greatest strengths is empathy. And based on my obsession above I believe I could be best in the world at being happy, and helping others to discover what it takes to bring more happiness into their lives as well. And I’m not talking happy like “Of course I’m happy, I am married and have kids and I have work right now so that’s all I need.”  I’m talking waking up every morning feeling incredibly alive and excited about your day and then going to sleep every night with a smile on your face because you are so grateful for your life that you can’t stop smiling.  

Question #3: How do you make money? Post college and armed with a PhD, I plan to have a career as a Life Coach.  I will make money by “doing what I love and loving what I do” as Alan Jackson says.

So, I know what I am passionate about, which ties into my strengths, and I am going to school to make money at it.   I have a goal to live my life in the realm where my three things overlap because this will bring me the most joy and I will be able to spread that to others.  This is my hedgehog.  What’s yours?

“Good is the enemy of Great” -Jim Collins



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Bottles, Cans, and Plastic Oh My!

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Before I hit the trail at Starved Rock today I inserted a large garbage bag in my Backpack and stapled the lining to the top of the bag and voila, I have a portable garbage can I don’t have to carry!  It worked like a charm.

I met a family with two boys who were carrying a trash bag  (I bet they were jealous of mine) filled with recyclables and the kids were from boy scout troop 538 from Michigan.  It was great to see them out there setting a great example.







See the red dog? 5 points to the first person that can tell me his name, it's been bugging me for a few minutes now. Please add it as a comment and thanks.

I spy a vitamin water.

Total Trash Count: 325

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That Free Thing

“"We don't see things as THEY are. We see things the way WE are." ”

Raymond Charles Barker