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I just had a conversation with my own feet…

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I know how the title sounds, which is why this post earned it’s spot on the confessions page instead of the gratitude page.  Yesterday when I was hiking the wopping 6.5 miles  (that’s sarcastic to hikers, but real for those of you who haven’t walked a mile in years) my feet were starting to hurt because it has been so long since I have been hiking.  My reaction to the pain was to be totally bummed out considering I was still a few miles from the car.  But, then I looked down and saw how tiny, feminine, and dainty my feet are.  And how these were the same feet that carried me over 2100 miles, and all at once consistently for 6 months.  I remember taking my shoes off after hiking a few days in endless rain and on blisters when shock and horror came over my face because there was no discernible feature that anyone could recognize as actual feet.

 I have put my feet through hell and they just continue to do their thing, and they do it well.  After getting lost in these thoughts I realized where I was and that I had just been looking down at my own feet while walking and smiling saying “thank you” (and other affectionate things that would have made someone think I was talking to a small pet).  Immediately my gaze drifted in every direction to make sure there wasn’t another hiker within earshot.  I was safe.  So yeah, this is an embarrassing confession but it’s also about giving my feet some love.  And it’s funny, after I did that they didn’t really hurt for the rest of the hike.  Not only do I appreciate all the wonderful things they have done for me, but I expect them to carry me along every inch of the AT once again next year.  (They just don’t know that yet).  😀

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