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Cracker Barrel’s Ashtray

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   I frequent the local Cracker Barrel here in town because of their incredible service, great food, and for me it’s  entertaining to look at all the items cluttered all over the walls and play their classic peg games which adorn every table.  Today we went there for breakfast and when we were walking in I noticed that each step from the truck to the door was littered with several cigarette butts.  It’s amazing how no matter how great the front of a building looks, when people are walking they are staring at their feet (otherwise everyone would be tripping semi frequently).  I decided (during my perfect plate of eggs and ham) that I was going to pick up every cigarette butt from the restaurant door to the truck (which was parked about 30 feet from the entrance) and see how many had accumulated.  In the 5 or so minutes it took to pick them up, I counted 196 which means that thousands remain in and around the parking lot based on simple math.  The number is surprising and so is the fact that a restaurant as great as this one could overlook such a simple project like keeping it’s parking lot looking nice.  I piled the cigarettes in one of Kurt’s collector ashtrays as a suggestion to Cracker Barrel; if your employees and customers smoke like chimneys, they could use a place to put their butts. 


Total Trash count: 229

UPDATE: 3/8/2012   Kurt and I went to this same Cracker Barrel recently and right away we noticed a cleanup had taken place and now there are several trash cans throughout the parking lot that are helping to keep that area clean. Nice work Cracker Barrel Team!!!


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