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“The Power of Intention”

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The title of this post is also a book by my favorite author and great inspiration, Wayne Dyer.  I have him to thank for some of my favorite quotes including “you get what you ask for, whether you like it or not”, “let go and let god”, and “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I  love Wayne like a fat kid loves cake.

When I was hiking out by Lasalle Canyon the other day I was planning my future trash pick ups out there and started getting annoyed that I didn’t have anything to put small pieces of trash in that were directly on the trail. I thought maybe I could find a piece of trash that was a bag. I decided to state my intention out loud into the wilderness.  I said “I need a small bag, a plastic grocery bag or a ziplock will do.”  According to my phone, it wasn’t even two minutes later I walked up on a muddy, but empty, plastic ziplock bag right in the middle of the trail.  I said “thank you” and picked it up and washed it off with my water bottle.  It ended up being perfect to pick up every small piece of trash for the rest of my hike. This is just one small example of the power of intention. Wayne would be proud.   🙂

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That Free Thing

“"We don't see things as THEY are. We see things the way WE are." ”

Raymond Charles Barker